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Trace X8

Precision Multi-Camera Tracking

The Trace X8 is the perfect multi camera system for any track based event; thoroughbreds, trotting, track skating, athletics and track cycling, it is also ideal for swimming and rowing.


A single operator can correctly frame, focus and follow the dynamic action with 8 cameras simultaneously. Sophisticated but simple functionality includes Finish Line commands, Automated Directors Switching, and libraries of Static and Dynamic Shots that can be quickly be created and executed. In addition, Virtual Broadcasting revenue streams are easily facilitated through the Trace VR plug in. The Trace VR is the most affordable and efficient virtual broadcasting system, principally because the patented Trace X8 provides the vast majority of the hardware and set up requirements.


Quick Set Up

Track configurations and lens calibration profiles are easily created, then accessed and loaded when required.


Cameras Anywhere

Cameras can be set up anywhere around the venue, and then located and calibrated within 6 minutes.

Return on Investment

For many thoroughbred and trotting broadcasters, the Trace X8 will typically replaces 3-5 camera operators with a single operator. Consequently a broadcaster can expect a 50-100% ROI per year.

1 Operator = 8 Cameras

Simultaneous pan, tilt, zoom and focus with precision framing and accuracy every time.

Trace X8 Demo Videos
Trace X8 - Thoroughbred Races
Trace X8 - Velodrome Meeting
Trace X8 - Velodrome Practise
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