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Bring Broadcasts to Life

The Trace VR is both a Plug In to Trace Optics' camera systems and a stand alone system. The Trace VR enables: World record lines, virtual athletes, video billboards, general graphics tied to the field, real time video renders on complex surfaces, ghost cars and movement mappings of GPS tags.  Movement Mapping includes; a Drivers previous Race Line overlay on the real time video, or a Heat Map of a Soccer Player's field position over time.


The Trace VR's software architecture enables a virtual model of the venue to be created, which contains all the possible virtual billboards, world record line geometries, and other general virtual enhancements. This unique approach to the system's architecture enables rapid set ups, and a logical venue library to be created. 


Trace VR


Functionality & Affordability

The Trace VR can perform all the typical virtual broadcasting functions, from world record lines, to virtual video billboards.  Sophisticated real time video renders on complex surfaces are easily facilitated within the software, as is the loading of 3ds Max and Maya animations.


Amazing choreographed sequences which can story line all of the dynamic framing of multiple cameras, the live switching between the cameras, and the virtual enhancements/ animated characters.   The Trace VR is becoming the new benchmark in broadcast enhancements.  


When teamed with any of Trace Optic's camera systems the Trace VR is the most affordable and functional virtual broadcasting system, as the Trace Optics camera systems provide the vast majority of the hardware, communications network and set up requirements.

Quick Set Up

Stadium profiles and lens calibration profiles are easily access and loaded.


Cameras anywhere

Cameras can be set up anywhere around the venue, and then located and calibrated within just 6 minutes.

VR Goggles
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