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Trace GP

Harness the Power of the Trace GP
for Precision Camera Tracking

The Trace GP is the camera operators ultimate tool for high speed dynamic applications; F1 to Nascar, GP Bikes to Aerial Racing, Motor Boat Racing to Downhill Skiing.  


The patented Trace GP provides a potent array of command and control tools that effortlessly manage the traditional primary functions of a Camera Operator, but then explodes the power and options available to     create the most amazing real time cinematography.  


The Trace GP Operator can effortlessly command a camera to drift down the body of 220km/hr F1, while pausing on the Driver's face, then drift slowly back to perfectly capturing the F1's tail as it swings down the straight.  Because the Trace GP understands the 3D volume of a car, numerous skim sequences can be created and loaded as presets.  


In the likely event of multiple high speed targets being in the required shot, then the Trace GP can automatically control the zoom and desired framing requirements to capture the vehicles perfectly.  Close ups involving slow drifts along cars or cameras skipping up and down race order are also effortlessly achieved.  


In multi camera mode the Trace GP can orchestrate sequential cameras for maximum effect, while even commanding the live vision switching between cameras.    

Please refer to Trace Optics' Show Reel and other videos below for details and demonstrations of system functionality and set up. The Trace VR Plug In, when combined with the Trace GP, has tremendous applications and is the most affordable and efficient virtual broadcasting system. 

Trace GP Show Reel

Trace GP Demo of Lotus

GUIs showing 3D Venue Models
Other Features & Benefits

Cameras Anywhere

Once a venue has been surveyed and the 3D model created, then cameras can be set up anywhere around the venue, and their positions calibrated within 6 minutes.

Training Systems

All of Trace Optics' camera systems have a Training Simulator mode.  Thus a Operator can utilise the full system's functionality and associated Control Interface hardware within a virtual environment.  Thus any virtual venue can be selected and virtual AI targets utilised within the Simulator.  This enables both the basics and advanced skills to be learnt, including the fine motor skills.  An accurate appreciation of the Speed and Preset Functions are also learnt in the Simulator Mode.  Thus a Operator can be highly skilled even before setting foot in a venue.  

Simple & Potent

The sophisticated software is amazing and has a broad range of functions.  Although the basics are quickly learnt and Operators can produce exquisite shots almost immediately. 

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