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Trace Arena

Precision Multi-Camera Tracking

The Trace Arena is the revolutionary camera system for stage and arena sports.  Whether it's football, cricket, basketball, ice hockey, rock concerts or dance performances, the Trace Arena enables real time multi camera control with precision and functionality.


The Trace Arena system utilises a sophisticated suite of patented tools that enables 1 Operator to track the point of interest (typically the ball) on the touch screen, while all other system cameras correctly frame, follow and focus on the action just like traditional camera operators.  Yes, 1 Operator can easily control 8 cameras in real time.  These automated cameras capture all the action via the system's advanced algorithms and have all the finesse, framing and composition of a experience camera operator.  The system's cameras can be quickly set up anywhere and enable all the traditional camera angles; wide, mid, overhead, front on, or elevated.  The Trace Arena will correctly frame the action from each camera angle, all in perfect focus.  All the preset and automated shots are at the Operators finger tips. Simply amazing. 



1 operator = 8 camera

A single Trace Arena Operator can correctly pan, tilt, zoom and focus 8 cameras simultaneously onto a moving target.  The dynamic framing automatically generated from each individual Trace Arena camera is effectively identical to a professional camera operator on each camera - amazing labour savings with broadcast quality. 

Quick Set Up

Standard field configurations and lens calibration profiles are easily access and loaded.

Cameras Anywhere

Cameras can be set up anywhere around the field, and then located and calibrated within just 6 minutes.

Training Systems

All Trace Optic Camera Systems have a Training Simulator mode which is in effect the full system's functionality and associated Control Interface hardware used within a virtual environment with virtual venues and virtual AI targets.  This enables both the basics and advanced skills to be learnt, while also training the Operator's fine motor skills.  An accurate appreciation of the Speed and Preset Functions are also learnt in the Simulator Mode.  Thus a Operator can be highly skilled even before setting foot in a venue.  

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