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Trace Optics revolutionary camera management systems create the most engaging and dynamic sports cinematography ever, a quantum leap beyond what was considered possible. Broadcasters can now dramatically raise the quality of action sports broadcasting, save on labour costs, and enable additional revenue with intelligent virtual advertising. Be amazed - amazed at the cinematography, amazed at the bottom line.

Trace Optics provides phenomenal command and control of both individual cameras and the orchestration of multiple cameras within a system. Trace Optics has developed a broad suite of patented creative tools that cover the basics of auto zoom, focus and precision tracking, all the way through to choreographing high speed targets with absolute precision and artistry. Whatever the application, Trace Optics has the solution. 

Trace GP Camera Management System     

Trace X8 System

The Trace X8 is the perfect multi camera system for any track based event - thoroughbreds, trotting, greyhounds, track skating, athletics, speed skating, track cycling and even swimming - any sport where the targets travel along a predetermined path.


A single operator can correctly frame, focus and follow the dynamic action with 8 cameras simultaneously.  The Trace X8 is the only patented camera system in the world that can automatically track targets from multiple cameras within a track environment.  

Trace GP System

The Trace GP determines the precise location of a speeding target and its physical form, then sophisticated software enables the Operator to choreograph the most extraordinary sports cinematography on the fly. Perfect framing, perfect focus and amazing accurate fluid movements. What was previously impossible, is now possible in real time with the patented Trace GP. 

The revolutionary Trace GP has been designed for: All race cars, bikes, karts, planes, boats, extreme sports, winter sports, and Hollywood stunts.  If it moves fast, then the Trace GP is the desired camera system.

Trace Arena

The Trace Arena is the revolutionary camera system for stage and arena sports.  It enables 1 Operator to correctly frame, follow and focus 8 cameras onto a dynamic target within an arena space.  Applications include: All football codes, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, baseball, tennis, cricket, netball, boxing, martial arts and all stage events.  The Trace Arena replaces existing camera operators, facilitates new camera locations, and enables the seamless adoption of the Trace VR system.

Trace VR System

The Trace VR enables a traditional suite of virtual enhancements plus some unique extras such as Ghost Cars and graphics tied to GPS tags.  The Trace VR is integrated with all Trace Optics' camera systems. Thus, there are significant synergies - system hardware, communications, venue survey, installation setup, and general command and control.  These synergies create competitive pricing and brilliant functional efficiencies.

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